Too horrible to believe…I sincerly hope and pray that this is not true

I sincerely hope and pray that this is not true…if it is, then it is a horrendous, disgusting crime…a crying shame on this lovely island we call home..

Was the Siyambalangamuwa elephant killed for the tusk sacrifice to banish ‘bad spell’ of a Govt. politico?

-suspicions loom in political circles

(Lanka-e-News, Nov.30, 2010, 11.40PM) There are growing suspicions in the political circles whether the Siyambalangamuwa elephant was killed in order to get its two tusks to banish the ‘ bad spell’ afflicting a Govt. political leader. The tusks which must be of the height of the politico was required to be sacrificed for this ritual.

Too horrible to believe...I sincerly hope and pray that this is not true

Based on palmistry , this politico has been given astrological advice to sacrifice these tusks in favor of the tooth relic deity in order to dispel this deadly spell of which the politico is ailing. He had also been instructed to perform this sacrifice without delay, as it can otherwise prove fatal.

There are widespread stories among the political circles that a search operation for these gigantic tasks was begun sometime ago. This elephant which was robust and strong suddenly coming by its death at the time when this search operation is on has triggered suspicions among the politicians.

At the media discussion in Colombo today (30), UNP Provincial Councilor and Rattota electorate UNP Organizer Sanjeewa Kaviratne said, there had been a search operation for tusks during the recent past for a sacrifice ritual of a Govt. political leader. The media had also reported on this. In this suspicious climate it is doubtful whether the actual two tusks of the dead Siyamabalagamuwa elephant have been handed over to the Govt.

On the 22nd,the day the President presented the budget, when the wild life officers were transporting the elephant to another jungle the elephant had already sustained gunshot injuries. The wild life conservation officers of Siyambalangamuwa have treated the wounds, and this elephant had the largest tusks among the wild elephants, he pointed out.

The wild life Dept has only one vehicle to transport wild elephants. This vehicle had been used to transport forest elephants by politicians and their henchmen at their will and pleasure from Hambantota, Kataragama and Kandy, and it has done 35000 kilometers. The weight of an elephant is 5 tons. There have been instances where even two elephants have been transported in this vehicle for and on behalf of politicians, Kaviratne noted.

When steps were taken to build a fence from the Udawalawe sanctuary and the Dhayyagala sanctuary to Boganpitiya Aliamankade to safeguard against the elephant menace, a Govt. MP and a PC Chairman who are running a ganja cultivation in the Deyyagala conservation have opposed this move. Even after environmentalists obtained an order from the Supreme Court, the politicians of this Govt. are disallowing the implementation of the court decision. On two occasions when efforts were made to build this fence, they had precluded it, Kaviratne bemoaned.