Elephant calf killed by hakka patas

Elephant calf killed by hakka patas
Thursday, 16 December 2010 00:00
By Amadoru Amarajeewa

A elephant calf was found dead in a paddy field at Mahindapura in Serunuwara Divisional Secretariat area, sources said.

Divisional Secretary Chandana Piyadasa informed the Wildlife Range Officer J.A.P. Wijekumara who rushed to the scene and initiated inquiries.

He said the calf had died by swallowing the illegal explosive devise called “Hakka Patas.”

He said another carcass of an elephant calf with injuries caused by Hakka Patas was lying in a paddy field in Dehiwatta area.

He said he informed the Department’s Veterinary Surgeon Dr. W.M. Dharmakirithi to attend to the injured calf.