Another Leopard killed in a snare

Another Leopard killed in a snare

A REPORT SENT IN BY  Janaka Gallangoda

Another sad day for wildlife enthusiasts as another leopard snared to death at Nuwara Eliya on 13th May 2011. This is the 6th known leopard died in recent past. Many may have gone unnoticed. Site of the incident is less than 500m from the heart of the city.

Even this time its clear negligence of relevant wildlife officers. Villagers complained to relevant officers few days before of this leopard which was seen many times and about the number of snare around the area which already killed many dogs and wild bore. Unfortunately none of them visited this site till this leopard died in the snare which could have easily prevented by visiting the site.

It is well known that wild meet is readily available in and around Nuwara Eliya. None of the authorized persons are taking any effort to stop this brutal killing. It is unfortunate that Director General of wildlife department is a Veterinary Surgeon by profession but did not attempt promptly even previous incidents to track down the those who are responsible and not taken any action against relent officers not carrying out their duties.

Hopefully we will not hear another sad death of this elusive top cat of the island