More tuskers in the Kalawewe area?

Kala Wewe is situated in the North Central area of Sri Lanka, and according to wild life photographer Vajira Wijegunawardane, it seems to have a much larger population of tuskers in the wild than any other area in Sri Lanka.

I was fortunate to participate in his pre-book launch presentation at the Fulbright Alumni Association of Sri Lanka recently where he showed an array of magnificent tuskers photographed in this area. Vajira , who is quite familiar with this area, reckons that there could be up to 40 or more tuskers resident here. And ironically this is an area in Sri Lanka which is not a designated sanctuary or national wild life park. This is indeed food for thought, and needs to be researched and worked on.

Incidentally the magnificent tusker, known as Parakrama, ( named after a famous and powerful king of ancient Sri Lanka)   who was tragically killed in the recent  blotched translocation operation by the Dept of Wild Life  , was also an elephant who habited this area.

Vajira will launch his new book “The Sri Lankan elephant-a celebration of majesty”: will be launched on Wednesday 15th December 2010.

More tuskers in the Kalawewe  area?