Elephant Dung

Elephants have a very poor digestive system which is only about 45% efficient. That is why they spend some 16 hours a day eating. The digested vegitatio0n that is defecated is thus rich in nutrients and is an extremely good manure.  

In the process of its voracious eating, elephants eat a lot of fruits and consequently the seeds are expelled together with the dung, most undigested, while the elephant moves around looking for food.

This provides a rich fertile mulch for the seeds to then germinate, often in a different location to where it was ingested.

Because of this, the elephant is considered a vital link in ecosystem.

Megafauna animals such as elephants are considered to be important seed dispersers because of their capacity to consume large amounts of fruit and disperse the seeds over long distances

Elephant Dung

Srilal Miththapala

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Sri Lanka Elephant was founded by Srilal Miththapala, a keen wildlife enthusiast, with a penchant for wild elephants. He has been observing and studying wild elephants in their natural habitat for over 20 years now in the wild life parks of Sri Lanka, particularly the Uda Walawe National park.