Another hurried release…..

Another release (of two elephants this time) was carried out recently. I was made to understand that from former releases,that  it was better to release the juveniles in batches, so that they will have the comfort of being with a few of their ‘playmates’ who they have been used to, at least for awhile, until they get acclimatized to their new life and surroundings,  so as to minimize the stress and trauma.

Another hurried release..... The Daily Mirror 23rd December 2010

Prior compositions of releases from the Uda Walawe Trasit Home ( ETH) have been 4 (1998), 5 (2000),  8 ( 2002), 11 ( 2003), 11 ( 2004), 9 ( 2006), 10 ( 2007), 8 ( 2008) ……

So why suddenly only 2 this time (as this newspaper reports) ?????? Any scientific basis???

Even from a  pure cost point of view it would have been better to release a larger number. The Lorry used to transport the elephants ( which hopefully was thoroughly checked for any shortcomings before the translocation this time ! ) can easily carry about 4-5 juveniles.

I will be most happy to be enlightened re this. ….

I also sincerely hope that there will be continuous and good post release monitoring of these two young elephants, unlike in some  previous instances..