Dear Friends,I thought it is useful to address some comments that we have received…regarding the ongoing “Find Raja Project”.

Why are we making such an effort over one single elephant? :
While certainly our focus is to try and find the elephant in question, with the publicity that we generate, we hope to focus attention of the general public towards the plight of the wild elephants in Sri Lanka today, and the need for an urgent and a cohesive conservation plan.

Already there is considerable interests being generated, judging by the number of followers on the Face Book page, as well as the numerous messages of support that we have received.

Will we find Raja?

As we practically get about our work in the field, we realize that it is going …to be a very daunting task. We have to put up with several false alarms, but at the same time we have to ensure that we follow up all possible leads. So quite honestly I don’t know… but at least by the end of the month, we can say ‘we tried’.

To reiterate the possible outcomes of the project…….

• Find Raja ‘hale and hearty’ ( best outcome)

• Find Raja injured ( launch rescue mission with the DWLC)

• Find Raja dead ( worst outcome)

• Not find any trace of Raja, dead or alive ( at least we tried)

• Raja suddenly turns up in the park (Hurray! but project will have to be abandoned )