Unique offer of help…..

At least our faith in humanity remains in tact by these type of pledges of help…Many thanks Suren. Will inform all concerned and prepare some protocols….

Dear SriLal
We at Deccan Aviation and the Favourite Group have been dismayed at the recent tragic and preventable deaths of elephants in Sri Lanka.

As a responsible organization we feel deeply concerned and wish to contribute in some meaningful manner toward the prevention of elephant deaths in our country.
It is one of our most precious resources that shares our jungles, forests and plains with us, the human settlers.
Toward this end we are announcing the pledge of our corporate aircraft (GA8) for the purposes of moving vets and experts to any location in Sri Lanka where en elephant is in distress.
There will no expenses charged by us for this purpose.
We must each one of us, do what we can to help.
With my best personal wishes
Suren Mirchandani
Founder Deccan Aviation Lanka
Director Favourite Group