Report of field trip 6th and 7th November

Following upon our reliable leads established on our field trip on the 4th of November , we had several calls on the hotline that many elephants , including a tusker was seen the night before in the vicinity of Ilukpelessa, far north outside the park. So the team rushed there on the 6th of November, ( Saturday) to camp out and do a night watch with the villagers.

The team had held vigil at Ilukpelessa with some villagers but no elephants had been sighted. But in the morning they have heard of elephants having raided a field some distance away.

They had driven towards the Bogahapattiya area. Many elephant interactions have been reported from there, but this is the controversial location where the Govt is intending to build an electric fence, which is being opposed by the local community there. So they decided not to interact with anyone there, and returned back to base camp at UW.

There seems to be reliable information of two tuskers being sighted often in this area. However having two tuskers in one and the same area puzzles me somewhat.

Tuskers are usually very much higher on the social hierarchy, so it is rather unusual to hear of two together…unless one is a much younger fellow. We have seen even Sumedha ( the second largest tusker in the UWNP- refer video clip) beat a very hasty retreat whenever Raja has appeared on the scene.