Raja Explanations

Some explanantion to the many non-sri lankan supporters of the project. The word “Raja” basically means KING in sanskrit..so it is very commonly used in India and sri lanka….So ‘Walawe Raja’ literally means ‘King or Lord of Walawe ( National Wild Life Park)…many ‘high’ cast elephants are given this name Raja theref…ore..
A word about caste..there is supposed to be 12 different caste’s of elephants according to accient sinhalese documents. ( Deraniyagala ) The lowest isthe ‘Kalavaka” caste elephant and the highest is the ‘Saddhantha’ caste. It is only a Saddhantha caste elephant that is permitted to carry the scared relics of the Lord Buddha during the annual Kandy Perevents ahera.( one of the main events in Sri Lanka, held annually in August )