Quick update -17th November 2010

As the excitement wears off, and the grind sets in, our weary team was in rather low spirits until Monday this week. Elephant sighting are in abundance in and around the North/ North East regions of the park with several reported sightings of tuskers. But they don’t appear to be Raja. But sifting thru all the information does indicate that the North/North East is the ‘theatre of action’.

In the meantime the team intensified their search in the village hamlets of Rathanagama and Gomagala in the Eastern area , just outside the park boundary ,and received consistent and fairly reliable information of a tusker (who matched the description of Raja) who had been seen about 7-10 days ago. While we have had reports of ‘fairly reliable’ sightings before, they have all been older than 4 weeks. This was the first time that we had heard of such a recent sighting. So a slightly more energized  Kapila and Sameera are now camping out in the area, holding vigil with some helpful villagers.