Ok folks. Good evening!! . .some disappointment as regards the promised evening report. The team is ‘overnighting’ at Handagiriya…but we find that the connectivity is very poor. In fact even voice communication is very sketchy. Dialog has been informed of this. This will be important as we hope to make Handagiriya our N/W… base camp. So please bear with us until the team gets back to our Uda Walawe base camp tomorrow evening and files a full report.

As we understand the terrain better, we realize that there
will bebasically two c general search routes that we will have to use.

One is the western side one, starting from the Elephant Transit Home and passing Galpaya, Panahaduwa..etc… We intend making Handagiriya our N/W base camp…
Similarly, the Eastern route will be via the Thanamalwila-Hambegamuwa road. And we will be making Hambegamuwa our N/E base camp.