Srilal Miththapala

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 A keen wildlife enthusiast, living in Sri Lanka with a penchant for wild elephants. He has been observing and studying wild elephants in their natural habitat for over 20 years now in the wild life parks of Sri Lanka, particularly the Uda Walawe National park. Being the park he is most familiar with and he carried out a research project on the Population Dynamics and Mobility Patterns of the Elephants in the Uda Walawe National Park under the auspices of the US Fish and Wildlife department, Grant Reference.View Document

 He has regular job working in the hotel industry. The entire family, his wife Geetha, son Dimitri and daughter Dushinka are all die hard wildlife enthusiasts. Living primarily in the city of Colombo he would be much happier living in the wild, closer to the nature.

Srilal conducts lectures on elephants around the Island for various communities. Enlightening school children on the ongoing conflicts and why it is important to conserve is one of his major endeavors. He has covered various age groups ranging from Grade 1 to A/level student to universities to other gatherings of elephant enthusiasts.

 Apart from observing wild life and nature, he is also a serious amateur photographer. He now mainly focuses on filming the gentle giants while most of the photography has been take over by Dimitri.

Equipment : Originally used two Nikon SLR Cameras and FE and EM, one with slide film (Kodak Ectachrome for Fujichorme 400 ASA) and the other with positive film (Kodak Gold 200 ASA).

Now uses a Sony Video Camera, a Kodak 5mpx zoom camera and a Lumix DMC-FZ 50.


Dimitri Miththapala
Administrator, Developer

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Pretty much grew up with jumbos watching over him (literally in a few cases). Picked up both Srilal’s and Geetha’s love for nature and wildlife causing a severe amplification. While not much of an activist he believes in soaking up all mother earth has to offer on a very low key level. Disturb his and animal peace in the jungle and things could get ugly.

In the wild Dimitri will sit for hours in the same spot his policy “plant your self and wait and things will happen around you as soon as you become apart of it. If you can grow a few roots all the better” seems to work as he has had a few unusual experiences with crocodiles and elephants. He took over the website in 2000 adamant to see a change from the same old web of page. While Srilal is still the main Author and bring in almost all the information the entire back end is handled by Dimitri.

Dimitri also followed in his fathers footsteps ever so fascinated in Srilal’s cameras from a young age. He was only given a pinhole camera very much later in life and that was the end of that. Taking pictures of anything to do with nature he currently has a stack of hard disks with numerous photographs.

Equipment : Canon D400, Ultrasonic 70-300mm, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100, 0.25 FishEye, 0.45 Wide Angle, Macro Filters +4 +6, Infrared Filter.

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